1. sam-dfw's Avatar
    I have been using bb 9900 (att) for 12-13 months
    I originally transferred contacts from previous bb device to 9900 using BlackBerry Protect and have never needed to use the BB Desktop Software
    Today, I decided to download the BlackBerry Desktop Software ( to sync BB contacts with Outlook (2010); I am using an HP PC with Windows 7 that I purchased 12-15 months ago

    1. I downloaded BB Desktop Software from here: https://swdownloads.blackberry.com/Downloads/contactFor......
    2. When prompted I connected my BB device using the USB cable that came with the phone and that I use daily for charging
    3. The phone immediately went to the alarm clock screen, acknowledging that it was connected; however, nothing ever happened with the already opened BlackBerry Desktop Software screen
    4. I powered down the PC and restarted
    5. I tried the device/USB plug into each of the computer's 4 USB ports with identical results (phone acknowledged that it was plugged in but device was not recognized by Desktop Software)
    6. I uninstalled and reinstalled Bb Desktop Software to the same results

    I have tried this with Bluetooth on and off on both the device and the Desktop Software setting.

    There is a 16GB micro SD card in the phone but all memory is virtually empty (device memory and card memory)

    I have taken the battery out of the phone and replaced it.
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    01-06-13 11:46 AM
  2. skyrocket9's Avatar
    Hi i had this happen to me, it turns out it was something with my computer. I cant explain it but it worked perfectly on another computer.

    My computer only detected the device when several months later I reinstalled windows 7.

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    01-06-13 11:52 AM
  3. djenkins6's Avatar
    01-06-13 12:06 PM
  4. sam-dfw's Avatar
    OK - i get to Step 6 "Double-click BlackBerry Device." and there is no BlackBerry Device to click.

    I assume that this could potentially be part of the problem, right? There are two each of five items: Generic USB, Intel 6 Series, Renesas Electronics, USB Composite Device, USB root hub
    01-06-13 12:45 PM
  5. Deanig_12's Avatar
    usb compsite device ive just done mine mines uptodate
    01-06-13 12:47 PM
  6. sam-dfw's Avatar
    Ok - i checked ALL drivers, and they are all using the most updated driver. Any other suggestions?
    01-06-13 06:49 PM
  7. djenkins6's Avatar
    Maybe you have one of the two problems described here KB28443-BlackBerry Desktop Software cannot detect the BlackBerry smartphone when it is connected via USB

    Try removing all other usb devices if you have any, or try another cable.
    01-06-13 07:30 PM
  8. Berry_Pink's Avatar
    is your blackberry locked (screen locked) when connected to the pc? you need to unlock it so youre on the home screen and a box should pop up saying usb drive, sync media and charge only, sometimes my phone doesnt connect properly to my pc because i have wonky usb ports so it will only come up with the clock and nothing will come up on the computer, try a different port or a new pc
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    01-06-13 08:37 PM
  9. Shifty88's Avatar
    Just wondering if you're using the OEM USB charger cable that came with the phone or if you're using a different one. If it's not the OEM one then it's possible that the cable you're using is for power only and data can't be transferred through that kind of USB cable.

    The post above mine is also a very good idea.
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    01-07-13 01:18 AM
  10. RollsFuentes's Avatar
    This just happened to me. I figured out what it was after prematurely deleting my backup data.

    Anyways, the issue likely happened in trying to make your computer faster and disabling many bootup services and applications. You have to enable the Reasearch In Motion ones namely device manager and restart the computer.

    I am using windows 7 and the steps are as follow:

    1) Click the windows icon and search for "msconfig"
    2) Go to the "Services" tab.
    3) Find Blackberry Device Manager and ensure it is checked.
    4) Apply
    5) Click the "Startup" tab
    6) Find "RIMBBLaunchAgent" and ensure it is checked.
    7) Apply Changes
    8) Reset the computer
    9) Load up Blackberry Desktop Software again
    10) Connect the device

    That should work.
    08-07-13 10:13 PM
  11. Mohammed Engineer's Avatar
    Hi! I have a 2 BlackBerry devices, 9320 and a 8520. Since I have upgraded my desktop computer to Windows 8, the BlackBerry Desktop Software does not detect the devices. I can only access the memory card as Removable Storage. Hence, I am unable to backup the data. I have used authorised USB cords and assured compatibility and quality through their channels.
    Any help regarding this would be extremely useful.
    08-13-13 01:20 PM
  12. pablo_1122's Avatar
    Hi djenkins6
    I have this problem... I connect PC-BB by USB, with the DM. Well, I didn't make back up of my stuff and the program says I've to update the OS. If I do it, I lose everything... What I do? Help me please!
    At OS startup my BB remains in 70% loading.
    01-27-14 12:48 PM
  13. BlackberryGuy0001's Avatar
    You have to watch out you are using a blackberry cable which came with phone, I had a cable that fitted but would just charge and not work with USB. I used the one that came wiht the TomTom that worked fine. All I would get was the clock pop up before with the cable that was just charging.
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    11-27-14 06:01 AM

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