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    I'm looking to buy a replacement screen for my Bold, and I know there are different versions. I've never bought a replacement screen for a phone before, but I have lots of experience taking BlackBerrys apart (I replaced my trackball on my old 9000 and have replaced my keyboard on the white Bold 9900 I currently am repairing).

    I attached a picture of the digitizer number on my screen...does anyone know how to properly identify it? I see lots of sites have 001 or 002, followed by a "/" and then another number.. I want to make sure the one I buy will work.

    Also, has anyone else gotten a replacement screen from somewhere online they recommend??

    Attached Thumbnails Identifying Digitizer Number on replacement LCD for white 9900-bold_screen.jpg  
    11-02-12 05:16 PM
  2. Berry_Pink's Avatar
    you need a 002/111-1 screen i cant recommend anywhere though, just make sure the place you get it are selling genuine blackberry screens or are selling off the working parts from spares/repairs blackberries
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    11-02-12 09:34 PM
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    i got mine from hong kong for 50. works good. no issues... maybe i just got lucky

    heres one i found on ebay. i have no clue about it though you can search for yourself

    Blackberry 9900 9930 LCD 001 002 LCD Digitizer Assembly OEM Screen Replacement | eBay
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    11-03-12 12:45 AM
  4. SK122387's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies you guys. Turns out, my phone is under warranty and can be replaced altogether, but now I know how to tell what kind of digitizer/screen I have..hopefully the next thing I buy BlackBerry-related will be the L-Series when it comes out in a few months
    11-03-12 03:44 AM

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