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    I have decided to buy the new Samsung Google Nexus that was announced yesterday.

    I HATE typing on virtual keyboards, but that 4.65" screen should help.

    I had a 9000, 9700 and the 9800. I read this website everyday and know Blackberries in and out. My 9000 was the best phone I had. Developers made apps for all the 4.6 devices and you never ran into apps didn't get updated to continue to work on 4.6.
    It seems like 5.0 was ignored by everyone. Now I have 6.0 and I still have apps from my 9000 that won't (good apps, not junk - Wunder Radio, Sling, etc) Obviously they are not going to update them to work with 6.0. Now 7.0 is out and they still aren't updating them to work.

    I thought for a while that maybe they would all update them when QNX (BBX) devices come out next year, but I need a phone now. My 9800 is just a headache (slowing down).

    I can't see myself getting the delayed 9900 when the new QNX phones are already being announced (I am not made of money).

    RIM lost me when they said that 4.6 compatible apps would work on the new 6.0 platform when it comes out. That was just a flat out lie by someone at RIM.
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    Yeah I know what you mean, if it wasn't for the messanging features I would sell my blackberry for the GS2

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