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    I have a blackberry 9900 on vodafone UK and I wrote on this forum about a week or 2 weeks ago about how my trackpad squeaks and my volume buttons don't work, I called vodafone and asked them to replace my phone due to the issues I have, they told me they were completely out of stock but when they get more stock they will call me and exchange my phone, so I received the phone call 2day, staying that because I have had the phone longer than 7 days! I will have to send it in for repair even though I called them on the day I got the phone to explain the issues I was having! I will have to be without my phone for upto 3 weeks, I don't pay 55 a month for a broken phone!

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    10-14-11 03:46 AM
  2. JBoen's Avatar
    Get angry and go to Vodafone, you ll probably get it exchanged
    10-14-11 04:19 AM
  3. ifraser's Avatar
    I would hope at least they would provide you with a handset to use while your is away since it is their issue.

    Dont understand this squeeking trackpad issue, seen it a couple of times. I got mice 2 weeks ago and the trackpad is every bit as good as the 9700 one. Must have been a dodgy batch.
    10-14-11 04:27 AM