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    hello everyone!

    i have been verrrry quiet for like the past year.. i broke my beloved 8900 and was stuck with a 9105 :'( tried to keep it as up to date as poss, but wasn't the same!

    i finally upgraded.. to the 9900 although it's not got too many themes out for it yet.. it seems like the most powerful bb yet and i'm loving the 8gb internal storage!!

    can anyone help me look after my bold and keep it pretty? in my absence, i feel i have lost my way! in regards to themes, wallpapers, latest swiss army knife apps, upgrades etc..

    yes.. i'm going to show off now..

    well wishes to you all and a big..

    HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!! to CB, wouldn't know how to cope without your magnificant selves..

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    02-27-12 07:37 AM
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    perfect... enjoy with your bb 9900...
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    02-27-12 07:41 AM
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    I just picked mine up last week..... upgraded from a BB9700 to BB9900.

    I downloaded a number of apps..... no problem with any........ but..... after a great deal of reading decided to upgrade OS to the Works great and will help with battery life. I suggest upgrading to OS before adding too many apps/themes. You'll find it in the 'Leaked OS' forum area.

    1) You can get a neat free one at Updated 99xx Theme Release: Red and Green ← OpenSourceBB.com – OSBB
    2) The BBThemes 'Small Banner'' and 'Seven Point Five' are $0.99 and work great.

    Quicklaunch - working great on 7.1
    BerryWeather- the same
    Social Scope - great if you use Facebook & Twitter ... esp with multiple accounts.
    BB Traffic - is now voice guided and works great
    Poynt - working great
    BB News - working great

    LinkedIn - no app..... Use http://touch.www.twitter.com .... save the Bookmark to your homescreen for quick link. Works as good or better than most apps.

    I have not had a problem with the 9900, any apps, or the .267 OS upgrade. It is all working great. Without a doubt the best BB experience to-date for me.

    Hope this helps!!
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    02-27-12 08:00 AM
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    Ahhww ria__x you finally have your 9900! It's about time!^^ The 9900 really suits you though!
    Lovely first 9900 pictures you got there. I see you made a workaround with straps and pink case very smart girl!
    I'm not sure what kind of theme you are looking for, i guess you want a lovely girly theme?
    Well hard to tell but i assume you already checked out the theme section for a lovely theme to begin with?
    If you can't find one that suits tell me i will help you find it! :3
    And ahhhum for the applications, i try to list my own application maybe not your cup of thee. But you have an idea what kind of apps i have.

    BlackBerry Bridge
    BB Trafic
    BB Travel
    Google Maps
    Shazam Encore
    TuneIn Radio PRO
    Wallpaper Changer Pro CB
    ABN Amro Bank App
    RaboBank Bank App
    All the BlackBerry Native Applications

    Well just some of my applications that i have, not sure what you are looking for haha.
    It's always hard but yet excited at first to make your lovely 9900! But you sure can make it all worked out.
    Just feel free to ask, we here are pumped to help you out.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
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    02-27-12 08:03 AM