1. reeneebob's Avatar
    So I picked up my third replacement battery yesterday, charged it up and put it in last night. For the last hour or so I've been pretty heavily browsing and after being off charger for about 12 hours I'm at 78%. Now its pretty appalling that I had two faulty batteries right out of the box but at least now I'm getting some half decent battery out of this thing.
    03-13-12 01:03 PM
  2. boss_hog's Avatar
    I wonder how many people Cooked there battery with the playbook charger
    03-13-12 02:19 PM
  3. reeneebob's Avatar
    Don't know. Non starter with me though, don't have a playbook. These were just bad batteries. One was the one with the original purchase (white model). We swapped it for one out of new stock black (totally different batch). Not good, RIM.

    In all the years I've owned a cell, going back to Rogers very first pay as you go phone, I've never had a bad battery. This is a first.

    At least its fixed though, now let's see how many days I make it before I'm back on my iphone now that I should have comparible battery life.
    03-13-12 02:57 PM