1. Lou82's Avatar
    Hi, I have a company blackberry that is completely dead. The device shows no signs of life; No power lights of any sort, nothing on the screen. I changed batteries with no success. I connected the blackberry to the PC and the BB Desktop manager would not detect the device. I plugged it into the PC without the battery same deal.

    I received a replacement from TMobile, thing is before sending it back this defective unit I need to wipe all company data/emails from the device. Is there ANY way I can wipe this device in the state that it its in?
    12-30-12 05:23 PM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Is there ANY way I can wipe this device in the state that it its in?
    I don't believe there is.
    Every method of wiping that I'm aware of requires the device to at least power up or connect to a PC. It sounds pretty well bricked, so chances are any data has long gone by now anyway.
    12-30-12 05:50 PM

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