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    I tried setting up my yahoo mail on my device and it started integrating with the default Messages app as well. I unchecked it in the messages options but the emails that were in it still won't disappear,even if I've already deleted them. What's worse is that the "Messages" drop down on my notification bar appears twice. The screenshot below might help explain my problem. How do I get rid of this? Any help would be very much appreciated.

    02-06-12 05:26 AM
  2. rrrebo's Avatar
    Pull your battery.

    If that doesn't fix it, delete your Yahoo account from BIS, delete all messages on your BB, pull your battery, then re-add it.
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    02-06-12 05:31 AM
  3. greggebhardt's Avatar
    Have you pulled your battery?

    What have you do just recently that may have caused this?
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    02-06-12 05:32 AM
  4. daysleeper24's Avatar
    I tried doing it twice. And it worked! Thanks you guys!
    02-06-12 05:40 AM
  5. rrrebo's Avatar
    When in doubt, pull it out.
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    02-06-12 05:55 AM
  6. daysleeper24's Avatar
    When in doubt, pull it out.
    One of the things I should keep in mind from now on! ) Thanks again!
    02-07-12 08:49 AM
  7. byul's Avatar
    yeah always do a battery pull first, it can save you alot of headace and fuss at that moment.
    battery pull is always one of the first thing to do when your phone is acting weird.
    mostly many problems can be solved by doing it.
    02-07-12 05:35 PM