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    So I've been using my 9900 for quite some time now and I would love RIM to come out with a full touchscreen using the 9900 form factor. I have a matte screen protector which makes the touchscreen even better!

    Some thoughts:
    1) The 9900 is perfect in design - thickness, aluminium trimmings, everything. It's such a beautiful design. Using the same for factor would make a full-touchscreen device even better.

    2) Given that the 9900 is wider, that means a wider touchscreen keyboard could be well designed. The Keyboard would potentially be even better than the Apple iPhone keyboard given the slightly wider design.

    3) All the side buttons - lock button, volume, shutter, convenience key will remain the same. This will make the phone better than the iPhone. The USB charger / connector is far more superior than the iPhone/iPod connector.

    I've done a concept photo below. Let me know your thoughts!!!

    Hopefully someone from RIM can read this!

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    11-06-11 11:00 PM
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    Yeah...that would be the 9860 only Wider and silver chrome.

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    11-06-11 11:05 PM
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    Not to be nit-picky, but what you're saying is kind of contradictory -- I think you're talking about using the exterior design for an all touch device, because the form factor is the phone with a physical keyboard. But the good news is, what you're describing is quite likely what the first BBX phone will be.
    11-06-11 11:06 PM
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    haha yes, I do mean the external design - basically, everything the same except for keyboard.

    But you get the idea =)

    They will just need to install a bigger battery to support the power charge for a full screen instead of half a screen.

    I'm looking at my 9900 now and can totally see the phone being a full touchscreen w/out a keyboard. And, if you hold the 9900 in landscape mode (on the side), it seems to fit in your hand perfectly - much better than an iPhone. And the design/look will still be very suitable for corporate use (aka. doesn't look like a toy)!

    11-06-11 11:10 PM