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    Ever since I updated my VZW 9930 to official version .374, I have had very weird occurences. Everytime I change my battery to put a new one in if its getting late in the day, or if I have to do a battery pull for whatever the issue of the moment is, ALL of my saved messages in the saved msg folder are totally wiped out. I obviously saved the msgs because they had some importence. I could not get them back no matter what restore I used. I found out though that when I save a "new" message, it tranfers to the saved file. Somehow miraculously, I found the new message was indeed saved, but I also found all of my OLD saved messages back in this folder. I've had to do this everytime I have to reboot my 9930; I open the saved file and its empty, I save something useless, goto the saved file and hola, they're all back again. I then disgard the useless saved file and go on. Has anyone had this problem and if so, anyone have a fix other than my primitive solution which must be done at least daily? I'm afraid my fix will one day stop working.
    11-29-11 01:07 PM