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    Please take this with a huge grain of salt maybe even a handful . As we all know carrier reps are not the most reliable. I finally gave in this morning and rang Vodafone about the 9900.

    Basically I asked when was it due to release and then she checked their system. She told me the middle of July at the latest but she would have to check with the manager to be sure . When she came back on the phone she said that she wasn't sure and asked me if I needed help with anything else . I said no , then I got . Thanks for calling Vodafone and she hung up .
    I found that kinda odd but know well not to trust the reps . Still kinda odd though . Maybe she is new or something and slipped up . Hopefully there is a Vodafone rep on here that can spill the beans and the CB nation will keep it a secret .

    I think the middle of July could be about right . As that would be a month after the playbook got released in the UK .

    Fingers crossed.

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    06-18-11 07:51 AM
  2. ossasosa's Avatar
    lets hope it is mid july
    06-18-11 08:00 AM
  3. Invader3K's Avatar
    My guess is that it's just an estimate in their system and nothing more.
    06-18-11 08:08 AM
  4. sg8330's Avatar
    yeah a written estimate is still an estimate.
    06-18-11 08:19 AM
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    It's definitely possible. Vodafone seem to have been on the ball with this phone from the get go. They put up their coming soon page immediately, they've given 9900s to their online customer relations team (that video), they aren't engineers or anything.

    The hardware is all finalised, it's just software thats holding things up, so if Vodafone put their order in with RIM first and okayd the software they can release it soon.
    06-18-11 08:41 AM