1. ekv's Avatar

    I got myself a 9900 yesterday. Till now I used to pair my 9700 and my pb. 3g speeds were not good. But I assumed that was what can be done via bluetooth speeds.

    Today I connected to my pb using my 9900. WOW what a difference in the 3g speed.

    Previously I never used youtube in bridging as even a 240 resolution video won't play constantly. Now with the 9900 bridged with my pb , I am watching 720p videos with no lag.

    Anyone else had such a nice surprise with 9900 and pb ?

    If this is the case with every one , then RIM should really market it. Would make all pb owners to atleast think about moving to os 7 devices.

    I am on the 7.1 267 leak.

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    03-10-12 06:58 AM
  2. kthhrrsn's Avatar
    I am very pleased with my vzw speed while bridged to my PB. I didn't expect much, but the performance is near what I get on wifi. I'm a happy camper...
    03-10-12 11:13 AM
  3. 416MASSIVE's Avatar
    The difference between my old 9780 and my new 9900 on Bell is unreal.
    So much quicker.
    03-10-12 08:06 PM
  4. Bob80220's Avatar
    Having both a 9700 and a 9900 it is definitely night and day between the 2 when Bridged to my PlayBook. Love the 9900 and PlayBook combo...
    03-10-12 09:05 PM