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    Ok ill have to admit, i maybe getting this Bold touch if it does come out for T-mobile once im due for my upgrade. Although i wish it was a curve keyboard ill just have to get used to the bold keyboard again. And yes, i like the curve keyboard better because its way more spaced out and not cramped up like the bold keyboard which makes it easier to text or whatever. But thats just me, everyone has their own opinion. Anyways does anyone know if the new Bold touch will have sure press technology like the storm touchscreen. I hope not. Please just let it be a regular touchscreen haha. Other than that, ill try this phone out to see if i like it, if not ill be getting the curve apollo...
    02-24-11 11:37 PM
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    ok nevermind, i guess this question has already been asked, sorry. http://forums.crackberry.com/f235/da...screen-580917/

    mods you can delete this thread now.
    02-25-11 12:09 AM