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    Hi there. I bought the phone 1 month ago and I still have things that I can't do with it. Can you please help me?

    1. How do I delete the preloaded bookmarks in the browser?
    (everybody says I can't... But I have a hard time accepting that RIM forces me to look at links to Bell pages for the next 3 years)

    2. How do I remove the calendar notifications that show in the notification area?
    (this is not when the calendar event happens this is in advance. For example: I added a birthday in the calendar. So now in the notification area I see the birthday coming up in 2012, 2013 and 2014. This is nuts... I can't have that notification area full of events happening month and years in the future)

    3. In the guides I find references to an option menu that is applicable to the icon selected (select the icon on the home screen, click the blackberry button and select options). Each time I do that I end up in the menu showing the options for the home screen (wallpaper settings, download folder, home screen panels and reset to default). Is this normal and I misunderstand the instructions?

    4. When I restart the phone my map favorites disappear and the wallpaper resets to the original picture. What's up with that?

    Removing the battery doesn't do anything. I have a BB Bold 9900, 7.0 Bundle 1355 (v7.0.0.261), Platform with Bell as carrier. I don't have a media card and the memory status shows the following: application storage- free space 195.3MB, built in media storage - free space 3.3MB.

    Can you please help me with these questions? I regret to say but I am getting extremely frustrated...

    09-23-11 11:47 AM
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    ...regarding the bookmarks, they will 'disappear' as you add your own, they gradually get replaced.
    For the calendar, I think (if I remember correctly) there's a 'delete series' - or similar - option when you highlight each particular date and click the menu.
    Hope that helps
    09-23-11 11:55 AM
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    Thank you for the fast answer. I added 10 bookmarks. Indeed the preset ones are not high on the list anymore but they still exist. I can find them once I go in the bookmarks menu. Really RIM doesn't allow this kind of basic customization?

    For the calendar I wasn't able to find that option. Even so, I don't want to delete the series. I want to know when the birthday will happen... just that I don't want to see it for the next three years. All I want is a pop up for the calendar events and not to see the events in the notification area.
    09-23-11 12:30 PM
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    The carrier bookmarks are pushed to your device in a browser config service book. Everytime you reboot or re-register the device on the network, they will come back.
    09-23-11 02:05 PM
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    The carrier bookmarks are pushed to your device in a browser config service book. Everytime you reboot or re-register the device on the network, they will come back.
    Well, I guess that I need to get used to those bookmarks.

    Does anybody know anything about not seeing the next 3 calendar events in the notification area? For now I just have birthdays in my calendar and I have to see them for month in advance...

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    09-23-11 07:08 PM
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    I am having issues with my calendar also. I have the 9930 and just got it today. Before I switched devices and copied everything over to my new device (9930), I had a tour 9630, my calendar appearance looked exactly like my old calendar on the 9630. After I switched devices and copied everything, I have a jumbled mess. The appearance of the calendar is totally different and everything is squished...like you, I can see birthday notifications for the next three years! Help!!!
    09-23-11 07:15 PM
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    For the menu options, you are misunderstanding it. If you click the bb icon on the home screen it will show the options for the home screen since you are there. You have to actually be in that specific program (that's what they mean by select), and then you can click on the bb icon and you should have options in particular to the icon you selected.

    For the other problems, my calendar only shows the upcoming events in the next 4 weeks, and I did have it transfer over from a backup via blackberry protect. I suggest you reloading your OS, wipe it completely and load it up with version .353. Also restore using blackberry protect, not the device switch option. I had a problem when I used it so maybe this will help you by avoiding it.

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    09-23-11 07:31 PM