09-14-11 10:23 AM
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  1. big samm's Avatar
    a little update
    here is mine...

    All oem accessories execpt for screen protector

    1- hard shell case
    2- holster free
    3- spare charger
    4- spare battery
    5- charging pod
    6- bestskinsever screen protector (on it's way)

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    09-13-11 11:15 PM
  2. wayno0's Avatar
    Phone 400
    bebuzz 5.99
    Screen protector 1.99
    Charging dock 15.99
    anger of my wife when she sees yet another new phone... priceless!
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    09-14-11 02:31 AM
  3. totallygone's Avatar
    Casemate Blackberry bold aluminum barely there: $19.00
    OEM hardshell case: $12
    casemate screen protectors: $15
    SD card:$11
    Trying to wrangle a non-contract phone from T-mobile customer service representative and the envy I feel for everyone who has a phone while I wait for my unlocked one from amazon....PRICELESS!!!!!
    09-14-11 02:46 AM
  4. DreaStyle's Avatar
    BB 9930 $199
    BB Battery Charging Bundle $ 56.65
    BB Dock $34.95
    BB Hard Case (White) $ 17.95

    Dang! I spent $110 on extras and know I'll still get more! I can't have my new bad boy Bold not have everything I had for the 9650 so it had to be done!
    09-14-11 06:54 AM
  5. badger906's Avatar
    0.00! Phone was free and that's it. Well add 99p for a charger I got for my pb which I also use on my phone

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    09-14-11 10:23 AM
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