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    I have Opera Mini v8.0.35659 installed on Curve 9320 and the same version installed on Bold 9720. Despite the same version number Opera Mini on the Curve (keyboard-only device) is different than the one on Bold. The Bold variation of OM requires tapping the touch screen to close a tab, to access the settings, or to close the browser itself. It doesn't seem to be possible to perform any of those actions using only the keyboard or trackpad.

    I assume that it works the same way with any BlackBerry which has both the keyboard and the touch screen (Bold 9900, Bold 9720, etc). I didn't install Opera Mini OTA but instead I used a COD file extracted from the Curve, then created the JAD file using BBHTool, and finally installed OM from SD card. This trick to get keyboard-only version of an app installed on Bold works with many apps, but it won't work with Opera Mini because the installation is done in two stages:

    stage #1: installing files from COD archive

    stage #2: installing more files from Opera servers (at first OM start up)

    Is there any way around this? I don't like touch screens and try to avoid this nuisance technology as much as possible. Below are some screenshots.

    Opera Mini v8.0.35659 on Curve 9320:






    Opera Mini v8.0.35659 on Bold 9720:





    Opera Mini version on both phones:

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