1. brune1's Avatar
    I just bought the Bold 9900 yesterday and after setting up to my liking, contacts, apps etc. getting to know the unit and (after some time for a novice like me,) when I plugged the device into my desktop manager, it asked me for the password to which i entered my BB ID but it is not accepting it. This is the third time I re-enter all my information, set up the device and it locks me out for 10 tries again and again then erases all my information! Frustrating and time consuming! Any one have suggestions to remedy this situation??? This seems to happen when activate and I lock my device when in the holster. I have the unlock code to access the home screen to which. Neither this screen unlock code nor my BB ID password will unlock the unit afterwards and I have go through the 10 tries then I loose all my settings and information, need to reset emails, reenter contacts and so on....Is there a function I am not applying or a way to avoid this? Please help
    10-19-11 07:03 PM
  2. bicho.mm0's Avatar
    Its the device password (to unlock your phone), not your BBID password
    10-21-11 05:26 PM