1. wilshere19's Avatar
    Hey all, a bit of a silly question that's been bothering me. In OS 5 I was able to type in a number on the home screen, click the bb button and hit add to contacts. Now that I've gone straight to OS 7 I'm not able to do it. Instead I have to type the number, press the call button and then save. Is the old method possible? I couldn't find other threads on it.

    12-20-11 04:47 PM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    Hit the Send key first.

    Sounds like you're using Universal Search and not Application Shortcuts, that's fine, but you're not actually dialing a number when you just start typing, you're using the search. The phone doesn't really know that it's actually a phone number you're wanting to save. For all it knows, you want to Google "cww"
    12-20-11 04:59 PM