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    I recently cancelled my Blackberry account with the mobile provider and I wiped off all information from the device. I have had Blackberrys since they first came out so I was a big fan, but I have moved to an Android device. I am unable to delete the Blackberry email address. All the members with this problem seemed to have resolved it using the advice given by members i.e. going to advanced options and then to service book etc. However when I try this I have all blank pages since I completely wiped out all information on the device. All my emails that got diverted to the Blackberry (I should say duplicated on the Blackberry) are now still going to the device but a message goes out to the sender that delivery was rejected. How can I get rid of my Blackberry email address when I have a wiped out Blackberry?? Blackberry Service do not answer these queries strange to say! In fact I have never in 10 years had a good response when I called the Blackberry Customer/Service numbers.
    Can someone please help?
    12-12-12 06:46 PM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    If your device is wiped, then you should not be getting any more e-mails to your device.

    Your device should have been configured to factory specs. You may want to check your other associated e-mails that may be forwarding or ccng your blackberry e-mail address. If you cancelled your BlackBerry plan with your provider, then your x@x.blackberry.x should not be accepting any mail. You have to have been using a POP/IMAP/web based mail service as well, cause you know you cannot access ant BB mail from a browser. If you have a gmail account, I would check to see if you have the reply to set as your former BB addy.
    You could also send out a mass e-mail advising people of your new address. Either people are still trying to send you mail to your old addy, or they are responding to mail sent by you from another account, and it's being forwarded to your BB, but you said you wiped the device.
    12-12-12 08:10 PM

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