1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hello, wonder if someone can help me with this.

    My personal (not business phone) blackberry is maliciously connected to Enterprise Server. IT policy - secure GC enabled. data and app were controlled by remote administrator. How to remove policy and avoid connected to server again?

    cell phone: blackberry bold 9900. OS 7.1xxx Enterprise version (purchase personal mobile at store but the store gave me enterprise version, now uncover it : ( )

    Canada BB User
    03-23-15 10:02 AM
  2. Damian Montero's Avatar
    you should search this forum for "it policy" or "enterprise account"

    also you could search this thing that I don't know how to pronounce in canadian but you call it this way in the USA: "goooooooo....GLE"


    The search will give you the answer by smarter people than I.
    03-23-15 02:48 PM
  3. traveler20's Avatar
    Secure GC Enabled is normal for any BB device that has encryption and device password enabled. Has no relation to an enterprise connection.

    But this forum has the best resources for removing IT policies. Search for remove IT policy.

    But be prepared to re-image your device. The process will wipe your device and require reloading the operating system. Requires Blackberry Desktop to be installed and working before you remove the IT policies.
    04-25-15 03:20 PM

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