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    Hello. new to forum

    My son came back from Panama with an unlocked Bold and he wants to use it here.

    He has a Tracfone at the moment and the prepaid option works great since he doesnt talk that much. My wife asked t-mobile about activating it, and they told her she could, but at $60 a month. So, I ask
    1) Can this phone work with any carrier? Or only the ones that support Blackberries?
    2) Once a carrier tells me that he can use it, will they give me a SIM card to use? I am still confused as to how that will work. Say Sprint has the Bold. Will they give me a SIM to use? No, right? They want me to use their phone.
    3) Is anyone familiar with any prepaid carrier that is sub $60/month?

    10-07-11 02:16 PM
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    fyi sprint and vz do not use sim cards.
    if it is a sprint phone and you are ok with a contract, then you have no problem, sprint will setup a plan with your phone.
    you can also use tmo or att with sim cards but you will not necessarily get data on prepaid plans.
    10-07-11 03:16 PM
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    What version of the Bold did your son bring back (9900 or 9930)? Do you know what carrier it was originally sold from?

    Verizon & Sprint only allow phones that they sell to be activated on their respective networks. As for a GSM carrier (eg AT&T or T-Mobile) you just need to put a SIM in and the phone will function. If you want to use data services you need to get a special BIS data plan from the carrier. Most carriers offer various BIS plans (starting with cheap email only option up to more expensive 6GB/unlimited plans). Note a 9930 will work on AT&T and TMo, but you will only get 2G data speeds (same with an AT&T 9900 on TMo and TMo 9900 on AT&T). It's a little confusing, but if you provide more detail on the phone we'll be able to better help.
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    10-07-11 03:47 PM
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    Panama only has GSM carriers, so I'm guessing it's a 9900 Bold. Anyhow, couldn't you add as a new line to your service? Usually much cheaper per month than either a prepaid or individual plan.
    10-07-11 03:58 PM
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    thanks for all the replies. Lot of information.
    The phone is a 9780 model.

    I dont have the option of adding him as another line since I have Sprint, and they require their phones. As far as a prepaid BB option, I think I will have to forget it since I dont think it exists with any carrier. And those that do exist are around the $60 a month range.
    10-10-11 01:05 PM