1. yzf.shaun's Avatar
    I have been using the hotspot since the first leaked OS without too much trouble.

    Initially I was always asked to confirm the apn details and it would start fine.
    Just prior to the upgrade and since the upgrade I have no longer been asked for the APN details.

    The phone will generally connect on initially boot up but then if I disable the hotspot feature and then start it say a couple of hours later the hotspot will allow a device to connect but the device is unable to browse.

    Any ideas what could be causing this and how can I change / check the apn settings in

    01-11-12 03:55 AM
  2. Ibn la Ahad's Avatar
    I have no idea why Mobile Hotspot is 'limited' by the carriers.

    I'm on Vodafone and also having a difficult time to make Mobile Hotspot even work. It just keeps saying: 'Activation required.......'.
    01-11-12 04:36 AM
  3. yzf.shaun's Avatar
    The thing I dont get is why it works when if I turn on hot spot as soon as the phone is booted but then after not using for a few hours and trying to re start the hotspot the device will connect but is unable to access the internet.
    01-11-12 07:32 AM