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    I just got my bold 9900 a few days ago and when I added my hotmail account, the phone downloaded all my msn contacts in to my "contacts" folder. Without thinking I deleted all those "email" addies of people and they mysteriously all vanished off my MSN contacts list.

    Now I've readded all the people that I can find, but I'm worried that Blackberry will try to download all those emails again as contacts when it syncs up with hotmail. Is there a way to stop this? I don't need emails for all these people in my phone as they are merely friends who I chat with on occassion.

    Problem 2. Now that I've been making all these changes to my contacts list suddenly hotmail is no longer pushing emails to my phone. How do I fix this???


    Thank you.
    01-26-12 09:15 AM
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    I figured it out! had to uninstall hotmail and then reinstall. and had to unselect the "sync" contacts button on the install screen. That seems to be the only place you can turn syncing on or off.
    01-26-12 01:40 PM