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    Sorry in advance for posting this here however I really have no idea about stuff like this. For some odd reason I get a really bad signal with my phone. It's not just mine, my gf using an iPhone with Fido does as well. The building is new however made of concrete (low rise), and another friend of mine who lives in the building for some odd reason doesn't have any issues with her reception.

    My question is are there any signal boosters that are simple to use and inexpensive that will improve the signal strength of our reception to an acceptable level? Right now we experience dropped calls and my phone jumping from H+ to 3G to Edge then SOS. I'm quite positive it isn't the phones issue since both our phones have the same problem, and outside of home the phones work with next to no issues.

    Any feedback or ideas about this would greatly be appreciated, sorry for posting this here!!
    10-04-11 02:45 AM
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    Depending on who your carrier is, they might provide you with a microcell. It is a portable cell service antenna that connects to your broadband internet. Google it and read up. There is lots of info. For example:


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    10-04-11 02:55 AM
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    Thank you for the link, I'm with Rogers and I definitely will see if they have something similar =).

    However I just checked and they don't have anything like that =(. I've googled cellular signal boosters and all I got were ones you must connect to the window or something and then connect to an antenna on the roof which isn't possible for me. I need something like that AT&T microcell, guess I'll go over to Bestbuy and see if they have anything.
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    10-04-11 02:58 AM
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    TMobile uses the following. Non business account holders who live in a single family home can get one by calling TMo customer care. Its also available for sale on the following website. Quite expensive!

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    10-04-11 07:08 AM