1. Evan_O's Avatar
    Just crossed my mind, and I was hoping that this isn't an ATT exclusive, since they haven't gotten the 9780.
    All paranoia aside, I suppose it makes a little sense, since the 9000 never went anywhere else.

    Thinking this will be snatched up in big numbers, and at a rapid pace, makes me think other carriers will get this but one has to wonder.

    I know only time will tell, but the feeling when I came on here and saw it only to learn later that Tmo will not receive would break my cold, black heart lol.

    Anyone else have these thoughts?.... or fears as I like to call them lol

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    01-18-11 12:30 AM
  2. Evan_O's Avatar
    Also I vote for this one (if it is only one) to be the universal device for all carriers. Everyone should get a shot at this fore-mentioned "dream device"

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    01-18-11 01:11 AM
  3. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I've been thinking the same thing. It's unusual for AT&T to not carry the 9780 when it carried the 9700. I'd been waiting for it (in red!) and was disappointed when it didn't arrive.
    Like you, I'm also wondering whether this will be an AT&T *and* T-Mobile device.
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    01-18-11 04:33 AM
  4. BoldtotheMax's Avatar
    It will suck if T-Mobile don't get this or the new Storm...I may snatch up the Apollo as that more than likely would come out, but almost feel cheated...

    Time tells all, here's to hoping!

    It did specify that it supports UMA, so that may be a good thing!

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    01-18-11 03:11 PM
  5. Garz's Avatar
    I bet the 9780 is coming to Att and maybe Tmo has just a 90 day exclusive. I have no fact on this but Tmo had a 90 exclusive on the 8900 so thats where my thinking comes from
    01-18-11 03:19 PM
  6. Evan_O's Avatar
    Ahh Garz, good logic on that my friend.

    The UMA support is promising. I would feel so cheated if it isn't shared, not just to Tmo, but to others as well. I have no probs getting a compatible 3G Canadian phone though, but would rather save the hassle.

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    01-18-11 04:16 PM
  7. mesospunky's Avatar
    If Tmo doesn't get this phone, I am sooooooooooo jumping ship! I'm sick of them not being competitive when it comes to their bb stash! Oh and fyi, the 9780 refresh doesn't count towards the "new device" count for tmo! Get it 2gether tmo, seriously

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    01-19-11 03:31 AM
  8. Pearl9100's Avatar
    i would think that this phone would canibalize the sales of the torch, which att spent a lot of time, energy, and money investing into. with that in mind, i dont think it will hit att.
    01-22-11 02:28 AM
  9. redone13's Avatar
    If I were AT&T, I'd skip the 9780 altogether and go straight for the Dakota. The 9800 Torch was their BB6 launch device, and the 9700 is still selling fairly well for those who want that form factor.
    01-22-11 11:29 AM
  10. K Bear's Avatar
    The Dakota is what the 9700/9780 should have been.
    01-22-11 12:03 PM