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    This is really starting to bug me....

    I have a Bold 9900. Running the latest OS (7.0 build 2406). I have arranged my home screen panels so that my favorite 6 are at the top row of the "favorites" panel. I populated the rest of the "Favorites" panel with the next 10 or so of my most used apps. In the "All" panel, I then hid all of the ones that I had put into "Favorites" so that I wouldn't see them in both locations.

    Everything was working well at first but yesterday, I rearranged a few of my favorites and everything just started to fall apart from there. After moving an icon in the "Favorites" panel, I would return to that panel later to find that the icon had moved back to where it was before. Then I started to notice that the icon that I had moved would show up twice in the "Favorites" panel, with one of the dupies replacing another icon that was now lost. I would have to unhide all icons, un-mark the lost one from Faves and re-mark it to get it to come back.

    Sometimes battery pulls solve the problem, but right now I cannot get my Favorites to fall in order the way I would like them. I have given up trying as my Favorite 6 are all on the top row, just not in the order I had placed them. If I try to re-arrange them, the cycle starts over.
    01-21-12 04:51 PM