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    Since the create homescreen folders was available on OS 6 with my 9800 I have been using them to organize my BB. I also create many home screen bookmarks that I use frequently and they are placed both on the home screen and in selected folders.

    Since using these I have noticed that it can be a hit an miss with OS upgrades as the folders and bookmarks will not be restored (backing up before upgrade as well -- and BB Protect does not seem to back these up . . . ) Once the new OS is installed.

    It also happens with a downgrade which I have done a few times.

    I just upgraded from .205 to .258 using DM and folders were restored but all the bookmarks were not.

    Thankfully I have created a text file which describes the contents of each folder along with the web link for easier restoration.

    Is there something that I am missing when I backup/restore or is this just one of those things that has not yet been perfected.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    02-19-12 06:20 AM