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    Hi all,
    I was wondering if you were experiencing the same. Before that I had another 9900 which I lost with the latest OS .353 (at that time) and I am sure the light was going on and off everytime I was shuffling it, even the zip sound of six tools were working perfecly. Now with 440 its seems disappeared I cecked with another 9900 running the same OS and it was the same. I went through all the options and still no luck.
    Anyone any clue please??????

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    10-24-11 09:31 PM
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    I can't believe it !!! I just double cecked and I discovered that it works but upside down! I mean the BB icon that is supposed to corrispond on the back of the device has to be ont the screenside to perform the on/off!!! Wtff!! I don't know if it could be the holster (I hope so) but since my pals one is the same I doubt it. I have my other holster with my friend in London, grr I want to know the answer now!! Please tell me am not the only one.

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    10-24-11 09:42 PM
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    I wanna help, but i don't understand your problem
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    10-24-11 10:18 PM