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    I am running on my Verizon 9930 and am connected to BES/Exchange 2010. Here's the situation: I have Hide Filed Messages turned on because I keep most of my work e-mails and file them for later retrieval if needed. This keeps my inbox trimmed down to a short list of current e-mails. However, my 9930 does not show any of these inbox messages either in the Desktop mailbox or the mail Messages app on the device. If I turn off Hide Filed Messages, then the device shows all of my e-mails... both the ones in the inbox and the ones filed in folders. Note that if I receive a new e-mail, it does show up on the device. However, as soon as it's read, it disappears.

    I want Hide Filed Messages turned on, but I want to see my inbox as well. Am I missing something here? Shouldn't the phone do what I am expecting it to do? In other words, why would the phone be hiding messages that are in the inbox? Those aren't considered filed, are they?
    11-17-11 10:15 AM