1. ridemaster's Avatar
    I have tried and followed the instruction set out in various threads on her to unlock my sprint 9930 and nothing brings up the little screen where you input the code.

    i get to the "personalization" screen, then input (ive tried both examples i have found) either alt(mep2) or mep(alt 2). and the unlock screen doesnt pop up

    can anyone help me please.

    i unlocked my 9900 without issue but this one has me baffled..
    02-01-12 09:28 PM
  2. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Is it already unlocked?
    02-01-12 09:46 PM
  3. ridemaster's Avatar
    hmm How would i know if it is already unlocked??
    02-01-12 09:48 PM
  4. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Options > SIM Card > type in mepd (note that the letters won't show on the screen) > read the lines.

    If it reads "Disabled" or "Inactive" next to network, then it is unlocked.
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    02-01-12 09:59 PM