1. kayleighbrookes's Avatar
    Hello, my fianc won an unlocked Sprint BB 9930 at a BB event, and I am currently in Canada and trying to use with Bell Mobility. I was told it doesn't work on their network, is there a way to get around this? Otherwise what is the point of getting an unlocked phone if it doesn't work?
    I own a mac so there is no way for me to wipe my device. I plugged the phone into my cousin's PC and tried to use both JL_Cmder and BBSAK. Swiss Army Knife will not recognize my device, and when it does and "wipe device" is selected, it says it is done in two seconds however the device has not been wiped. JL_Cmder won't work on a 64-bit computer so I'm confused how we can wipe the blackberry, and then install the software for Bell.

    Any suggestions?
    10-25-11 05:43 PM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    You can't install 9900 software on a 9930.

    It will never work on Bell's network, so sell it and get a 9900.

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    10-25-11 05:48 PM
  3. freethisberrydotcom's Avatar
    Will only work on 2G on Rogers and Fido on GSM.
    10-25-11 09:29 PM