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    I have a weird issue that I hope someone could help me troubleshoot.

    When I first received my 9900 from ATT and did the SIM activation online, I could connect my 9900 via the data cable to a battery powered Mifi device (brand: Zalip). My ATT 4G speeds was 5Mbps down (websurf speedtest on PC connected to Mifi), 1Mbps up which I thought was plenty fast for a 9900 connected to a Mifi device via the USB cable.

    My IT admin had also told me prior that my BB plan was enabled for tethering and have data access. ("Modem Enabled" indicated on the BB's display as soon as I plugged into Mifi device).

    Fast Forward:
    A couple of days later, I started to commence the BES activation for my company's Exchange server email. Right after BES activation, whatever the BES profile settings were; downloaded and presumably disabled my ability to tether to the Mifi device. I do have tethering service enabled on my acct but note: I cannot find this option on my BB Service Book list.

    Anyhow, just for the record: I can tether perfectly via the BB Desktop software.

    My main issue now is; I cannot tether via my Mifi device, which I know worked for 2 days straight before BES activation. What is going on here?

    My last option is to simply find a way to "Wipe out" my BB and return it to factory condition to try tethering again.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    I would get your BES people to help.
    02-03-12 05:29 AM