1. bek816's Avatar
    Long story short, I took my shiny new Bold to the UK for a vacation to visit family. I unlocked the phone and inserted a Virgin Mobile UK SIM card. Within a half-day, my phone died with an error that the OS needed to be reinstalled. Now that I'm at my sister's place, I have access to her MAC. I reinstalled the OS through desktop manager, but I don't have any BIS options like setting up a personal email address and there's no App World. In fact, I can't connect to BIS through wifi at all (even on my girlfriend's Torch). I connected my girlfriend's Torch to BIS via roaming, but I'd rather not encur the data charges. I can however connect to the web...

    I will be home in ten days. Any suggestions for how I could setup the phone before I am back?

    09-15-11 04:17 AM
  2. mobibiz's Avatar
    Call up your current service provider Virgin Mobile UK and see if the SIM card you are using supports BIS data or not ? Secondly if it does then re-register the services via the Host routing table way.
    09-15-11 05:54 AM