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    Today I got a Facebook update message and after installing I got the normal reboot screen, only problem is as the phone finishes rebooting I get what looks like a tiny clock appear in the top corner of the screen then the phone reboots again. I've tried countless battery pulls with no luck.

    The phone was purchased sim free in the uk and when I called blackberry they refused to help me without paying 49 dollars to which I was told even then they won't replace or do anything with the phone and insisted I deal with my service provider. Orange quite rightly won't deal with it as the phone was purchased sim free and unlocked but blackberry insist they only sell handsets to service providers.

    I bought the handset thinking it came with a two year warranty from blackberry since as a business customer after the first 30 days even the retail store won't support it and point me to blackberry.

    Firstly can anyone help me stop the reboot issue I'm confident it's just software problem.

    Secondly anyone help me further with the warranty problem even if I do sort this problem I refuse to carry on purchasing bb products for my staff if they won't honour the warranty at all.

    Thanks very much.
    09-30-11 11:00 AM