1. Raptors_Inception95's Avatar
    After never running into any problems upgrading my os using BB DM, i decided to be a dumby and did an app backup using bbsak. It has totally ruined my blackberry and now none of my apps are appearing in the my world section in app world. I was on .536(?) os and wanted to upgrade, but it all went horribly and none of my apps were showing up even though I backed everything up and restored it. I'm now on the .649, but I'm really frustrated because I lost all the apps that I have paid for.

    If anyone can help me resolve this it would be great and very appreciated. I have tried everything from wiping the device and trying different OS's, nothing seems to be bloody working.
    11-03-12 11:35 PM
  2. Lendo's Avatar
    If you go into AppWorld and click on MyWorld and then change to uninstalled. You should be able to reinstall every app you've ever installed.
    11-03-12 11:53 PM
  3. Raptors_Inception95's Avatar
    that's the thing, there is nothing even in the uninstalled section, I'm using the same ID and everything. When I log onto my bb account using my laptop, it shows the list of all my uninstalled apps, but for some reason it doesn't on my phone. and everytime i restart my phone, my app world is gone.
    11-03-12 11:59 PM
  4. Lendo's Avatar
    And you clicked the "Refresh List" button?
    11-04-12 12:02 AM
  5. Lendo's Avatar
    If you pick an app you know you've paid for and click it, does it try to charge you again?
    11-04-12 12:03 AM
  6. Raptors_Inception95's Avatar
    Thanks man, I was so frustrated completly forgot about the refreshing list part. All the apps are showing now.
    11-04-12 10:01 AM

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