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    Hello everyone,

    I started getting a box message saying 'Internal Error Code 28 07' about 2 days ago, underneath the message there are 3 options: OK, Back, and Cancel. If I click 'OK' the message will go away. I get this message a few times every hour

    I tried taking the sim card out then putting it back in, battery pulls and reinstalled the OS (.353 then .296) but the error message just keeps popping up. The phone is working fine as far as I am aware but could somebody tell me what the error code means? And also how to fix the 'error'? I googled around but couldn't find anything

    I have a 9900 (BIS, TalkMobile UK)

    Thank you for your help.
    10-08-11 11:26 AM
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    Pretty sure it is a SIM error. Talkmobile is an MNVO, and there have been reports from Talk users that when switching SIM they sometimes receive an error. All you can do is ensure that you have the correct software installed on your device. If you have already seen to that, then call your provider, and ask them to bump you to BlackBerry BIS support. I am sure they will be able to come up with a solution.

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    10-08-11 11:56 AM
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    Hi thanks for your reply! I will give them a call on Monday.
    10-08-11 12:05 PM
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    Hope you get things cleared up. If I come across any other useful information, will send you a PM.
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    10-08-11 12:25 PM
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    Just a little update: Carphone Warehouse replaced my faulty sim card with a new one today and the error code is gone now yay!

    Thanks for your help again
    10-11-11 03:44 PM