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    Well i have had my 9930 with verizon since the first week of September. Love the phone but just as i went to my roomate's place out of state my phone nuked (same sob story, i leave my phone to charge overnight wake up and the red led light taunts me by just blinking) i have tried to restore the software but when i get to the part where it asks for my password it automatically dissconects from my computer. I feel like i have tried everything. I do have warranty but will not be able to receive a new one till I'm back home from thanksgiving. If I leave it connected to my computer for an extended period of time (5mins) a battery logo will show up in the middle of my screen with an x through it but when i connect it with the battery in it shows a black screen with the battery logo charging. I just wanted to clarify if it is nuked or bricked. Please help me out I really want to figure this out a solution to find out why it dissconects when it asks for my password in apploader
    11-26-11 03:13 AM
  2. tkcdamar's Avatar
    have you tried bbsak; wipe device; then try to restore the software?
    11-26-11 09:44 AM
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    Sounds like you have a nuked device. Rim is aware I would just call your carrier for a replacement. Hopefully rim gets the fix for this soon I can't believe its taken this long come on rim get it together!

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    11-26-11 09:48 AM