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    I had to do a security wipe after an Exchange upgrade.

    I reset my password and it works fine for the phone. However, the new password does not work when accessing the phone via either the Desktop Software or the Bridge. I've tried many times on both. I restarted the Desktop App (MacOS) and re-checked the password many times by changing security settings.

    What could be causing the desktop software and bridge to reject the new password. Could this be due to changing the password?
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    I still can't get either bridge or the desktop to work and can't load any of my contacts onto the phone. Kinda limits it's usefulness

    Let me ask another question. Is there any way to get my contacts on the 9930 by syncing to Google?

    That is what I am doing for the Playbook and works great.

    OK. Did another security wipe and entered a new password and how things work.

    I did try Google for contacts and the photos are not synced like the Playbook, so no good for me.
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