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    Hi everyone,

    I just got the new bold 9900 two days ago from amazon, put the battery on straight out of the box and was setting it up (with sim and memory card inserted). I didnt charge it because some other fone was on the charger so I thought I wait till charger is available. After a couple of hours the phone just jammed up (while there's still a lil battery left). so i did the battery pull and it restarts just fine, then it jammed again after a couple of minutes. So i did a second battery pull and when it starts to load (with the blackberry logo), the bar stops about 3/4 full. Waited 20 mins or so then I repeat the batt pull again and the same thing happened again (bar stops 3/4). So I repeat one last time and the phone gone dead on me now. no red light, no nothing... Im not even sure if the battery is charged or not when i plugged it in.

    I've tried almost everything now (apart from trowing it out the window), namely:
    left the battery out for 24 hours = doesnt work;
    left it to charge overnight (no red light tho) = doesnt work;
    plug it to computer (with and without battery) via usb with desktop software on (its macbook by the way) = doesnt work;
    repeatedly take out the battery and put it on = doesnt work.

    Its gone completely dead, no sign of life at all now.. dunno whether its the fone or battery that is the problem, no way of checking (any suggestions?)

    I hate to return it coz its gonna take awhile to get it back so pls10x help if u have any idea whats going on, pls advice how to fix this problem.. otherwise I'll just get a replacement i guess..

    but so sad tho, paid so much money for a top of the line smartphone and the manufacturer allows for this kind of problem to occur.. what ashame.. but still lovin blackberry tho been using it without problems for awhile since the blue ones with 'trackball/wheel' on the side till this happened.. i'm sure i'll forget about this tragedy (hardly) as soon as its working again pls somebody help!!


    09-21-11 07:40 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Go buy (borrow?) a new battery and try it.. most batteries when sold have half a charge in them so it should be good for testing. Least then, you'll narrow it down to either the battery or the device.
    09-21-11 09:41 PM
  3. williamjames91's Avatar
    did u bought it brand new? go try another battery, it can help. On eBay you can find cheap battery
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    09-21-11 10:31 PM