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    I have just gotten a 9900 and would like to seek help from the gurus here. Prior to buying the 9900, I was using the Bold 9000 (OS 5). I am on limited BB plan mobile plan (BB Social Plan) i.e. I can't use the BB browser to surf the Internet unless I am in a hotspot (but i am able to overcome this limitation by using opera mini with that, i can surf anywhere using 3G/GPRS). Also I do not have push mail service. However the social plan does allow me to use BBM and IM services (including Whatsapp). After I switch over the 9900, I realized the opera mini and Whatsapp can't work on 3G/GPRS. Only time I can use them is when I am connected to a wifi/hotspot. Is this limitation caused by the new OS or the IT policy of my service provider. Anyway to resolve this? Does resetting the handset to factory setting helps?

    Appreciate your advice pls.
    02-11-12 01:23 AM