1. data77's Avatar
    My sms messages have disappeared. Any way to merge two ipd files with sms messages and put it back in the device? Appreciate any help or feedback!

    I can't find the option in Desktop manager..I recall it use be there in the very old versions of OS5. Thanks much!
    10-31-11 12:34 PM
  2. rapanui21's Avatar
    To: data77:
    I can help you. I actually write IPD solutions as a hobby and specialize in custom solutions. I have two options for you. First, I have a product named IPD Merge on the drawing board but have not yet started coding it. Second, I am in the final testing phase of IPD Bulk Load SMS which can do what you need. My entire suite of IPD products, including the two mentioned above, can be viewed at https://sites.google.com/site/ipdsuite . You can read 'about me' on my flagship product IPD Parse located at https://sites.google.com/site/ipdparse . I am an individual, not a company. All my services are free. If you are interested in discussing more about my proposed solutions to the issue you posted, please contact me on email. My contact information is on my website.
    11-04-11 09:52 PM
  3. Ibn la Ahad's Avatar
    Well, there you have it.
    11-04-11 10:24 PM
  4. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Use a reputable product. Not something unknown.

    Check out MagicBerry.
    11-05-11 08:36 AM