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    Hey guys! I've my bb for about a day now. And it was working fine till an hour back.. I was using it normally(texting/bbming) and it died on me. I found that to be suspicious as i last checked i had around 50-60% worth of juice left in my batt.
    I thought that to be one of the bugs where the battery just drains and your phone dies, so i plugged it into my charger and the red led switched on. No issues here, but then after about 3seconds. it faded off and an empty battery with a red cross over it appeared in place. That looked okay till i plugged out the charger and my phone died again. NOTE: IT ISN'T CHARGING. It's just basically showing that icon.

    When i plugged it into my computer to connect it to BB Desktop Manager. It says 'Cannot communicate with the Device. If your device is rebooting
    or has a dead battery..blabla'

    So question is my battery defective?(Read up that a red cross on a battery means the battery is defective) OR is it a hardware issue (that i read it up too)

    Sorry 'bout that, just wanted to avoid getting flamed

    Remedies i've tried:
    Battery Pulling(Numerous number of times)
    Removing my SD-card
    Leaving it charged for about an hour and battery pulling

    And yes, my phone was made in MEXICO. But there isn't any defects or whatsoever except for the battery..

    P.S: Does this has anything to do with me updating my OS to .520?

    EDIT: I did a couple of battery pulls and right now, my 9900 has officially started up. Proves(I think) that the battery is indeed defective.

    Anyone has any similar issues?
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    11-27-11 12:32 PM
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    Check to make sure that your battery is seated properly it could be loose and I would return the device and get a replacement.
    11-27-11 03:14 PM
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    Red x generally means battery issue. Call your carrier and they should send you a replacement.
    11-27-11 07:06 PM
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    UPDATE: Apparently, my battery wasn't spoilt. it was the phone. The battery was in perfect working condition! And i just did a 1 for 1 exchange. Everything seems to be in working order now!
    11-30-11 02:16 AM