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    Ever since i saw colorware! i fell in love with it.. problem is I am in canada and they only ship USA and also ofcourse I can not afford a 250 price tag. SO .. please if anyone knows a shop or business or even a website.. where i can customize the bezel maybe different color.. or replacement.. and the back .. just like the colorware..

    Let me know my fella crackersss

    I am aware of truesupplier.com.. but then again.. lol too pricey and im not looking for that much bling
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    11-07-11 09:32 PM
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    You could look up a company called 'ColorMi'. They're on facebook. If they have what you are looking for then PM me. I have a friend in Canada who is coming over to India in December. I can ask him to carry it back for you

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