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    I was planning to exchange mine but I just noticed that the water indicator has some tiny red dots on it if I look closely. Will they still let me exchange?
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    09-18-11 03:54 PM
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    It all depends on the person doing the return/exchange. I returned a phone recently to Verizon corporate store and the sales person didn't even open the box to make sure everything was in it. Just processed my return and refunded me.
    09-18-11 04:09 PM
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    i bought it online so i'll be shipping it back to them
    idk how they do it but i thought they would check it once they receive it
    more info would be nice

    here's a pic of what it looks like:

    it's a bit hard to see but you should be able to see if you look closely

    Off topic
    how do you get a tinypic url?
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    bump. im worried :s
    09-18-11 06:55 PM
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    Why are you worried? Will worrying about cause any different result? Other than getting an ulcer?

    If your going to get charged replacement cost because of the LDI, your gonna get charged. If not you won't, carry on with your life and don't worry. Nothing is going to change.
    09-18-11 08:28 PM