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    Hey everyone. I currently own an Atrix that I got on my bell contract back in May. I don't really like the device at all. I can't update to 2.3 without crashes, call quality sucks and for some reason when I get a text from people that is 2 parts I only get the second part. Also every once in a while the phone heats up so bad I think it interferes with the antenna as the other person can only hear a hissing squeaking sound.

    I phoned up Bell, who sent me to a motorola tech. They were no help. (Have you tried taking the battery out was about the only thing they had me do.) But they wanted me to send it off for 2-4 weeks and be without a phone. I asked about a loaner, they said no.

    So I impulsed bought a 9900 on ebay unlocked. It should be arriving soon. I paid $550 for it. But I'm planning on getting my atrix repaired and selling it after. But it will still cost me money for the 9900. I was wondering what everyone hear suggests. I'm going to China in January and canceling my contract. I had to pay a $250 deposit so it will only cost me $150 to cancel. Will the unlocked 9900 be compatible in mainland china? As I wanted to take my phone with me.

    Also is it worth the price difference. Lets say 250-300 extra that I'm paying when I sell my atrix?

    Or should I just repost it on ebay and keep my current phone. (I'm not starved for cash, but I want to make smart decisions.)
    09-18-11 08:58 PM
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    Just a quick bump, would like to get another opinion.
    09-19-11 08:38 PM
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    If you want the 9900, keep it.
    It will work in China because the new Bold is a 'world' phone I believe.
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    09-19-11 08:49 PM
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    The new Bold is a very nice device you will be happy with it. I came from android and no issues.
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    09-19-11 08:52 PM
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    Alright, should be here tomorrow, I can't wait!
    09-20-11 08:51 PM