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    Hi Guys,

    I got an unlocked 9930 Bold from Verizon. Im located in the Philippines so I make use of the local carrier (Globe Telecom).

    When I first got my Bold 9930, although it was unlocked, it was on BES (Blackberry Enterprise Service). I applied for the BIS plan by Globe Telecom and I can make use of my Email Services and all the other BB application that require a plan EXEPT for NFC and PTT.

    NFC is suppose to show up at the Manage Connection where I can Turn it off an on but its not there. I tried setting it up it says that I must use BIS plan to make use of it (even though i already am using a BIS plan)

    PTT (Push to talk) - I can't even make it active.

    So I guess the solution is to back up my data and Remove the IT Policy.

    Most of the threads I see that have info for removing the IT policy are the old ones. I have the latest OS and Desktop Manager. I also use a MAC Laptop so please provide information specifically for a MAC user not a PC user.


    10-07-11 04:22 AM
  2. chasvs's Avatar
    Neither PTT not NFC are enabled in the current OS for Verizon devices.
    10-07-11 09:10 AM