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    This is not a post to simply b1tch about the camera. I bought my 9900 at full price and brought it down here to Mexico fully knowing about the lack of Auto-Focus.

    However.....I am experiencing no focus whatsoever, with the exception of close-in shots from about one meter. I have taken a number of pictures from across a street to a building, and the signage is all blurred. My lens in not obstructed in any way, but it looks like I am taking pictures through a coke bottle.

    Pictures, not close-ups of text, are very important for my work....

    1. Is there an app to take better pictures?;
    2. Am I doing something wrong - or is there a setting change that would help?;or
    3. Is the camera simply that bad.

    I have tried all the logical settings....sports, night, beach.....nada. zilch.

    Love the phone, but I might have to go back to my 9800 if I can't figure this out.

    Thanks in advance.

    By the way.....is there a way to talk to an actual person at Blackberry over this? I scoured their website without success. I was willing to pay for the privilage even....
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    10-26-11 03:53 PM
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    Do you have image stabilizer on?
    10-26-11 04:41 PM
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    Have you tried cleaning the lens with a q-tip?

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    10-26-11 05:20 PM
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    The lens is scratch free and crystal clear.....nothing to clean. When I take a picture of my arm, I can count the individual hairs...

    Where is image stabilizer found?

    Another example is that I am, right now, taking an indoor picture of a box with 1" lettering from 12 feet away. There is no way I can read the lettering....from zooming to....uh....the opposite of zooming (sure there's a technical word that escapes my mind right now).

    Does everyone experience this?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    10-26-11 07:11 PM
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    With the camera open press menu/options. Good luck.

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    10-26-11 07:38 PM
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    It's the image stabilizer. While in the camera, click options and you'll see it there. I had that issue before. It should take great pics with proper lighting.
    10-26-11 07:39 PM
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    Also, what Scene Mode are you using? It's the box in the lower right corner of the camera screen.

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    10-26-11 11:04 PM
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    Tried the image stabalizer....both on and off....and no difference. I have experimented with all the different screen modes.

    I will have to sadly assume that I have a non/poorly functioning camera on a phone that I can't return.....I will have to wait for the 9900 to be released in Mexico so I can compare it to my phone. As a Blackberry fan, I sure hope that I received a factory defect as opposed to this being a standard issue.

    Back to my 9800 for now
    10-27-11 08:15 AM
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    What exactly is image stabalization, and is it best to have it on or off?

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    10-27-11 01:17 PM