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    So I was a former Curve 8330 user for many years, liked it and all, but turned to Droid last year. My wife inherited my old Curve from then and she's loving BB.

    Wife: hates all the bells, whistles and apps of most smartphones, especially hates not having physical keys, likes to BBM with friends, but uses mostly for her Tupperware business (email, texts, etc.) iOS and Android totally NOT her cup of tea. Her birthday is Dec 10 and I planned on getting her the Bold 9930 for her birthday (she's gonna LOVE it, especially keyboard with enough touchscreen she won't be sick of)

    Now the bricking issue has happened and everyone in my path (friends, students (I'm a teacher), etc.) has told me to stay away from BB as it's a sinking ship even aside from the bricking issue.

    What say you? Do you all have enough faith in RIM to stay the course? I want to get her the new phone next week. You think I should chance a Bold? Anyone think the bricking will be solved by then? Or should I try to sell her on a Droid pro or some other smartphone with a keyboard...
    11-27-11 06:21 PM
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    There's no way to predict when or even if the bricking issue will be solved, since the cause is apparently not yet known. There also doesn't seem to be any way to predict the likelihood of getting a brick-prone device. So if you get one, you may have to endure one or more exchanges until you get a non-bricking unit.

    It's similar to what I had to put up with last year with the 9780's stuttering keyboard. It took four replacements to get one that worked right--and the issue was finally traced to one factory. It's similar, but of course the bricking issue is worse.

    So, if you're willing (and your wife is willing) to take the risk of one or more replacements, then go for it. As to whether RIM is a sinking ship, my view is this: It may well be, but they're not going to disappear right away. The 9900 is what it is, and if it works for her, then there's no reason to base this purchase decision on RIM's future. In a year or so, we'll all have a better idea whether RIM has been hit below the water line by recent events.
    11-27-11 06:33 PM
  3. BB.David's Avatar
    I believe the bricking issue is being affected to a small number of 9900/9930 users so I'm surprised to hear everyone you know has had this issue. I would hope the issue has being resolved on the new 9930's being produced, if not Verizon can easily replace your phone, just make sure she does a weekly or daily backup via BlackBerry Protect or Desktop Manager.

    If you're really concerned about the bricking issue, the Curve 9370 is suppose to drop at Verizon very soon, so if you can wait and she's familiar with the Curve keyboard and size, she might like it more as the 9930 might be too large for some.

    Regarding the Droid Pro, I think you'll find it hard to people to sway you to go Android on here but reading the reviews on Verizon, the Droid pro has scored a lot lower than the 9930.
    11-27-11 06:46 PM
  4. slowrvr's Avatar
    I just made the switch and am very happy. Just wrote a post regarding my experience so far. Having had no prior exposure to Blackberry, I could not believe how good RIM's device, desktop interface, and app world are based on most of the articles in mainstream media. I think most of the "sinking ship brigade" do not have first hand experience. Every cell store I went to (Rogers x 2, Best Buy, and Future Shop) counselled me to buy Android. When I complained I did not want a mini-tablet in my pocket, the would push me to iPhone 4s. When I decided to pick up the Bold, despite the salemans protests, the manager had to help him with something and said "this is the phone I use and I love it".

    That said different people and different uses will determine which is most appropriate. One is not better than the other in every circumstance.
    11-27-11 07:17 PM
  5. pynkfloydd's Avatar
    Nowadays, a lot of tech products seem to be released with issues. Glancing around my room I see most of the tech products that I purchased in the last few years all had some major issue which, at some point, a decent amount of people complained about until a firmware update fixed it.

    That said, the 9930 is so far my favorite phone to date. Form factor and features (like the awesome keyboard) are exactly what works for me. For me, the 9650 was too small (plus the screen resolution was just sad) and I hated the slide-out keyboard on a previous phone. ...why not check all of your options out in store? If you buy it through th carrier, every phone that I know of comes with a 1 year warranty. ...you just might have to complain to customer service to waive any replacement charges.

    The "death of RIM" is greatly exaggerated... If you look at market share, Blackberry has remained about the same. They're not losing much market share, it's more that they're not gaining and other platforms are outpacing them. (Remember that there are still a lot of user coming from "dumb" phones and platforms like Palm which might be jumping to Android or iOS.) BBX might be the big "make it or break it" move for them (especially since iOS is getting a little stale). ...but that'd be a complicated long-winded analysis, so I'll save you from that. "Everybody" was also saying how Motorola and Windows Mobile/Phone was going under, but that hasn't happened yet either.
    11-27-11 07:39 PM
  6. anon(66956)'s Avatar
    What say you? Do you all have enough faith in RIM to stay the course? I want to get her the new phone next week. You think I should chance a Bold? Anyone think the bricking will be solved by then? Or should I try to sell her on a Droid pro or some other smartphone with a keyboard...
    I came to the 9930 from the Droid Pro (XPRT on Sprint). That phone worked well except it was much harder to press the keyboard keys. I mean, it was work to type on that phone. When I came to the 9930, what a difference. The keyboard keys are easier to press and the keyboard is wider.
    11-27-11 07:47 PM
  7. physicsguy's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the insights. I got the calming relief I wanted and expected. I just wanted to be sure there are still some supporters and happy customers out there. My wife is really suited for the Bold (and vice versa), no question, and I agree that even if RIM is in trouble, she will get a long time of use out of it. I just hope we get a good one, she'll blame me if we have to bring it back for a replacement. I'll take the chance as I know she'll hate other smartphones. There's a lot of negative anti-RIM people out there and I needed some voices from the other side for balance, and I knew I'd get them here.

    As for me, I'm staying with Android, but I still see the good in BB and glad to see they're still hanging in there. I'll have some fun showing her how to use it.
    11-27-11 08:09 PM