View Poll Results: Has your 9900/9930 Bricked itself?

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02-28-12 06:09 AM
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  1. donnation's Avatar
    Seems like a lot of this is happening. I thought it might be good to see what happened and why when it bricked as well as some numbers on this.
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    11-07-11 08:08 AM
  2. SixStringMadness's Avatar
    No issues here
    11-07-11 08:57 AM
  3. Chrisy's Avatar
    Would be helpful to know which device as well, 9900 or 9930, and what OS
    11-07-11 09:02 AM
  4. FBA's Avatar
    It really doesn't seem to matter which of the two device sit is, nor the OS version. It seems to happen on both models regardless of OS version. One of mine just died...
    11-07-11 09:26 AM
  5. Hi Tek's Avatar
    I was on my way to exchange my 2-3day old 9900 (battery sucked) .. and when I walked in BestBuy.... my phone BRICKED LOLL!! ... all the more reason to get an exchange I guess LOL . I'v had this 9900 since the exchange (basically 3 months) .. no brick *fingers crossed*
    11-07-11 10:35 AM
  6. milosblackberrycurve's Avatar
    Hi...was not able to use my BB 9900 over the weekend coz of infinite boot loop, less than a month after purchase. anyways after researching for 2 days I found JL_CMDER, chose restore factory settings from that app, then the phone wiped itself, and within 20 minutes I got my BB back
    11-07-11 11:30 AM
  7. hanathan's Avatar
    I've gotten the red blinking light and failed startup issue once on the non-Verizon build that used to be on this forum's Stickies, but it went away after I let the device charge a bit longer.

    I upgraded to the latest Verizon build when it was released and haven't had anything even close to resembling a brick since. (I came back to BB from a rooted Android device, on which I was able to test-drive all manner of custom ROMs, and the reliability of BB is worlds better.)

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    11-07-11 11:46 AM
  8. dimm0k's Avatar
    On my third device due to defects in the trackpad and keypad... none of them including the current replacement had this problem. Hopefully it never happens.
    11-07-11 12:11 PM
  9. OniBerry's Avatar
    JVM 102 error
    Unit: 9900

    Happened cause I was an id10t and decided to do a device switch rather than selectively add the apps I wanted and knew would work as opposed to all of them. BBM'd someone around lunch, holstered my 9900 and took it out a few minutes later and saw a wonderful white screen. Couldn't do anything from work, but as soon as I got home I wiped and reloaded a different version of the software. Haven't had the same issue since.
    11-07-11 12:14 PM
  10. donnation's Avatar
    Seems like there are quite a few having this issue....
    11-07-11 05:16 PM
  11. FranzJoseph's Avatar
    Once but I did a battery pull and it was all good.

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    11-07-11 05:31 PM
  12. whyamisoepic's Avatar
    just wondering all thoughs who bricked their phone after charging a dead phone (or close to dead). Was it the first time? Like did you charge your phone when it was almost dead before?
    11-07-11 06:09 PM
  13. abercedes's Avatar
    Yes. Not often, but I've definately gotton low before.
    11-07-11 06:16 PM
  14. papped's Avatar
    Are you defining "bricked" as 517 unrecoverable or 517 happening and able to restore, then it works?...
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    11-07-11 06:40 PM
  15. SixStringMadness's Avatar
    I am anal about battery health, so I usually always wait until its flashing red. Never an issue
    11-07-11 06:45 PM
  16. antony99's Avatar
    I am anal about battery health, so I usually always wait until its flashing red. Never an issue
    That is interesting to know, as most users report that their 9900 died and it was after their phone battery was very flat.

    For me, the phone battery went so low that the radio was turned off automatically - but the phone worked for non-radio things OK.... I soon had the phone on a mains charger and when I checked it a little while later it was up to 30%, and the radio had been turned back on automatically and it had caught up with some new email messages.

    But the next day, it was totally dead - just the red LED coming on for 10 seconds, the off again - and repeat.

    I sent it off for repair 3 weeks ago or do, not heard any news about when the replacement is coming back ... so I had to buy a 2nd one.
    11-07-11 06:58 PM
  17. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    Mine didn't brick completely, but out of the blue something got corrupted with a media cod file, essentially making my camera non-functional and my 9900 not being able to access any of the media files on my micro sd card. Had to plug it in and partially reload the OS.
    11-07-11 07:24 PM
  18. SixStringMadness's Avatar
    it certainly sounds like a bug of sorts is out there.
    11-07-11 07:25 PM
  19. Vijik's Avatar
    Everything is working fine on my 9900. Best Blackberry I ever had.
    11-07-11 08:08 PM
  20. abercedes's Avatar
    People are getting different variants of "bricked" although from what I've read on here, they're not recoverable. I keep getting the blank screen/red LED. Tried multiple times but can't reinstall the software.
    11-07-11 08:10 PM
  21. screamlordbyron's Avatar
    I have had my 9930 since Launch Day for Sprint. No problems, until tonight. Phone froze, did a battery pull and, low... JVM 517. Unrecoverable after multiple battery pulls. >(

    I'm just downloading the OS right now to do a restore.
    11-07-11 08:25 PM
  22. salexs11's Avatar
    move over xbox...we now have the red blink of death...
    11-07-11 10:26 PM
  23. howarmat's Avatar
    needs more votes please!
    11-09-11 05:33 AM
  24. ryshhh's Avatar
    Nope. Thank God.

    I have however had a couple of "uncaught java exception" which went away after numerous resets.

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    11-09-11 07:06 AM
  25. uci2ci's Avatar
    No, but it got nuked after .474 install. After rebooting, it failed to properly mount and reconnect to JVM

    Did another OS install and it came back to life. However, I noticed the screen flickering after the recovery. Did a battery pull and the screen has been fine ever since (14 hrs)....weird :confused

    On the plus side, battery life has been improved since .474
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    11-09-11 08:03 PM
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