1. ekafara's Avatar
    Last night I was going to bed. Walking to my room and I had a notification. I go to look at my phone and it drops out of my hand and lands face down on tile. I was shattered, just like the bit of my screen. I piece fell out but I stuck it back in so it doesn't look as bad. I guess I should be surprised it isn't totally spiderwebbed and completely done for. There are a couple hair line cracks through it from above the speaker up top to the left side. It does look pretty bad where the crack originate though.

    I do want to replace the glass on it so it looks as good as when I got it. So my question is: Has anyone had to replace their glass screen yet? Also: did you do it yourself? How much did it cost?
    11-09-11 12:10 AM
  2. whyamisoepic's Avatar
    I think it'll be very hard to replace the glass as the bold is a sealed unit. In other words, you're better off replacing the whole screen which can run as low as 50 bucks if you do it by yourself or high as 200 bucks getting it repaired by a third party.
    11-09-11 12:20 AM
  3. ekafara's Avatar
    Yeah I looked at some videos, I wasn't too sure how the screen and glass went together. I'd be more keen on replacing the whole screen and doing it myself. Just have to be very careful.

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    11-09-11 12:26 AM